2022 Sermons

Sermons by Date
Title Description Date Speaker Guest Streaming Players
God Seeks The One | Luke 15:1-7God Seeks The One | Luke 15:1-72023-01-01Elder Rande YouTube Link
Emmanuel - God with usElder Rande Alfsen Emmanuel - God with us2022-12-25Elder Rande YouTube Link
Gifts for JesusPastor Jacob Ricketts - The significance of the Gifts brought to Jesus upon His birth.2022-12-24Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
From Heaven to Earth | Various PassagesFrom Heaven to Earth | Various Passages2022-12-18Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Only One Thing Is Needed | Luke 10:38-42Only One Thing Is Needed | Luke 10:38-422022-12-11Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Death of Abraham | Genesis 25:1-18The Death of Abraham | Genesis 25:1-18 The Foundations Series2022-12-04Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Isaac and Rebekah - Part 2 | Genesis 24:29-67Isaac and Rebekah - Part 2 | Genesis 24:29-67 The Foundations Series2022-11-27Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Isaac and Rebekah | Genesis 24:1-28Isaac and Rebekah | Genesis 24:1-28 The Foundations Series2022-11-20Elder Rande YouTube Link
The Death of Sarah | Genesis 23The Death of Sarah | Genesis 23 The Foundations Series2022-11-13Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Abraham's Test | Genesis 22Abraham's Test | Genesis 22 The Foundations Series2022-11-06Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Treaty at BeershebaTreaty at Beersheba - Genesis 21:22-342022-10-30Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Exile of Ishmael | Genesis 21:8-21The Exile of Ishmael | Genesis 21:8-21 The Foundations Series2022-10-23Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Birth of Isaac | Genesis 21:1-7The Birth of Isaac | Genesis 21:1-7 The Foundations Series2022-10-16Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Cory Henderson | TestimonyCory Henderson | Testimony2022-10-09OtherCory Henderson YouTube Link
Abraham and Abimelech | Genesis 20Abraham and Abimelech | Genesis 20 The Foundations Series2022-10-02Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Lot and His DaughtersLot and His Daughters | Genesis 19:30-38 The Foundations Series2022-09-25Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Sodom & Gomorrah | Genesis 19:1-26Sodom & Gomorrah | Genesis 19:1-26 The Foundations Series2022-09-18Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Abiding in ChristAbiding in Christ by Pastor Sandy Shoemaker2022-09-11Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
The Three Visitors | Genesis 18The Three Visitors | Genesis 18 The Foundations Series2022-09-04Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Sign of the Covenant | Genesis 17The Sign of the Covenant | Genesis 17 The Foundations Series2022-08-28Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Hagar and Ishmael | Genesis 16Hagar and Ishmael | Genesis 16 The Foundations Series2022-08-21Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Cutting A Covenant | Genesis 15Cutting A Covenant | Genesis 15 The Foundations Series2022-08-14Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Current Events & Biblical Prophecy | 31 July 2022Current Events & Biblical Prophecy | 31 July 20222022-07-31Pastor Fred YouTube Link
Abram and Melchizedek | Genesis 14Abram and Melchizedek | Genesis 14 The Foundations Series2022-07-24Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Abram Repents | Genesis 13Abram Repents | Genesis 13 The Foundations Series2022-07-17Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Abram in Egypt | Genesis 12:10-20Abram in Egypt | Genesis 12:10-20 The Foundations Series2022-07-10Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Abram | Genesis 12:1-9Abram | Genesis 12:1-9 The Foundations Series2022-07-03Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Back to The Garden | Genesis 11:10-32Back to The Garden | Genesis 11:10-32 The Foundations Series2022-06-26Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Tower of BabelThe Tower of Babel | Genesis 11:1-9 The Foundations Series2022-06-19Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Table of NationsThe Table of Nations | Genesis 10 The Foundations Series2022-06-12Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Missions Sunday | 05 June 2022Park Community Church | Missions The Gideons2022-06-05OtherGideon Loren Shoquist YouTube Link
The Sons of NoahThe Sons of Noah | Genesis 9:18-29 | The Foundations Series2022-05-29Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Noahic CovenantThe Noahic Covenant Genesis 9:8-17 The Foundations Series2022-05-22Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Noah Exits the ArkNoah Exits the Ark - Genesis 8:18 … The Foundations Series2022-05-15Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Waters RecedeFoundations Series The Waters Recede - Genesis 8:1-172022-05-08Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Resurrection and the LifeThe Real Jesus Series The Resurrection and the Life John 11:17-272022-05-01Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Lord of Lords - Mark12:28-34Lord of Lords - Mark12:28-34 The Real Jesus Series2022-04-24Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
King of Kings - EasterThe Real Jesus Series - King of Kings - Easter2022-04-17Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Prince of Peace | Matthew 21:1-11The Real Jesus | The Prince of Peace | Matthew 21:1-112022-04-10Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Mission Sunday April 03, 2022Mission Sunday April 03, 2022. An update on Park Community's Missions and how you can be a part of God's ministries.2022-04-03Elder Rande YouTube Link
Universal FloodFoundation Series - Scientific Facts About the Universal Flood Genesis 72022-03-27Pastor Fred YouTube Link
Noah's Ark and the AnimalsFoundations series - Noah's Ark and the Animals - Genesis 7:1-102022-03-20Elder Rande YouTube Link
Noah - Genesis 6:9-22Foundations Series - Noah - 6:9-222022-03-13Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Grieving GodFoundation Series - Grieving God - Genesis 6:1-82022-03-06Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Generations of Adam - Genesis 5Foundations Series - The Generations of Adam - Genesis 52022-02-27Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Cain and AbleFoundation Series - Cain and Able - Genesis 42022-02-20Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The CurseFoundations | The Curse | Genesis 3:14-242022-02-13Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The FallFoundations series - The Fall - Genesis 3:1-132022-02-06Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
A Suitable HelperFoundations - A Suitable Helper Genesis 2:4-252022-01-30Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Foundations - Imago DeiFoundations - Imago Dei - Genesis 1:24-312022-01-23Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Foundations - CreationFoundations | Creation | Genesis 1:1-2:32022-01-16Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Good ShepardThe Good Shepard - John, Chapter 102022-01-09Elder Rande YouTube Link
The BeginningFoundations Series - The Beginning - Genesis 1:12022-01-02Pastor Jacob YouTube Link