2021 Sermons

Sermons by Date
Title Description Date Speaker Guest Streaming Players
Welcome HomeLuke 15:11-32 The Parable of the Lost Son [The Prodigal Son]2021-12-26Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Why Shepherds?Christmas Eve Service, 2021.2021-12-24Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
ImmanuelImmanuel - God with us. Matthew 1:18-232021-12-19Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Joy to the WorldLast in the series of "A Servant's Guide to Joy"2021-12-12Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The Secret of Being ContentA Servant's Guide to Joy - part 112021-12-05Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
The God of PeacePhilippians -- A Servant's Guide to Joy (Part 10)2021-11-28Pastor Jacob YouTube Link
Are You Saved?God says examine yourself and put your faith to the test. [Read - Corinthians 13:5 ]2021-11-21Pastor Fred YouTube Link
LeadershipChristian leadership at church, work and home.2021-11-14OtherPastor Jacob YouTube Link
Know WhyKnow what you believe and why you believe it.2021-10-31Elder Rande YouTube Link
The Loss of LegalismPastor Jacob explains the problem with legalism using Paul's letter to Philippi - Philippians 3:1-16.2021-10-24Jacob Ricketts YouTube Link
Love - An ActionLove. Pastor Sandy expands on a concept mentioned in Pastor Jacob's sermon of last week.2021-10-17Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Disciples and DeliverymenPastor Jacob examines Philippians 2:19 - 302021-10-10OtherJacob Ricketts YouTube Link
BaptismThe Significance of Baptism.2021-10-03Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Exercising Your FaithPart 6 in a series on Philippians2021-09-19OtherJacob Ricketts YouTube Link
Be a Doer of the Word!The timeless truth that James presents is that Christians must put their faith into action.2021-09-12OtherRande Alfsen YouTube Link
What A Beautiful NamePart 5 in a series on Philippians2021-09-05Jacob Ricketts YouTube Link
United We StandPart 4 in a series on Philippians2021-08-29OtherJacob Ricketts YouTube Link
From Rags to RichesThe Children of God are the Richest People on Earth because of the love of God in Christ2021-08-22Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Joy in the JailhousePart 3 in a series on Philippians2021-08-15OtherJacob Ricketts YouTube Link
Mark 11:112021-08-08Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Companions in ChristPart 2 in a series on Philippians2021-07-25Jacob Ricketts YouTube Link
The Pursuit of HappinessPart 1 in a series on Philippians2021-07-18Jacob Ricketts YouTube Link
More Than A SongWorship and praise take on may forms, and go hand-in-hand when proclaiming the greatness of God.2021-07-11Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Radical Grace - RetrospectiveA final overview of the unmerited gift of salvation by God, shown through and to Jonah.2021-07-04OtherJacob Ricketts YouTube Link
Those on "The Way"Why should a Christian become a member of a local church?2021-06-27Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Radical Grace - Part 5If God is calling you to do something, don't grumble. He knows the fullness of His plan. We don't.2021-06-20OtherJacob Ricketts YouTube Link
The Hands of the Potter - Part 2Continuing teaching on why it is best to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, and not frustrate Him and His aims.2021-06-13Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Radical Grace - Part 4God will turn the hearts of even entire nations that anyone else would have written off.2021-06-06OtherJacob Ricketts YouTube Link
Getting Ready for BattleHow can believers in Jesus Christ prepare ourselves for the evil thrown at us in life?2021-05-30OtherElder Randy Alfsen YouTube Link
The Hands of the PotterThe Holy Spirit remakes us and molds us into what He sovereignly intends: the image of Christ.2021-05-23Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Radical Grace - Part 3If God keeps calling you to follow His will, but you refuse, He will correct you and move you to repentance, even if that means sticking you in a fish for three days.2021-05-16OtherJacob Ricketts YouTube Link
A Recipe for MotherhoodMothers are unique in that it takes a woman with special God-given Abilities, as well as a willingness to sacrifice her own life for the care and training of her children.2021-05-09Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Radical Grace - Part 2Part 2 in a series on Jonah. God will not allow anything to get in the way of His plan for you, not even your own disobedience.2021-05-02OtherJacob Ricketts YouTube Link
To Everything There Is A SeasonTrust in God when He changes the circumstances of your life. "...we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." Romans 8:282021-04-25Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Radical Grace - Part 1You cannot run from God far enough, or fast enough, to get away from His plans for you.2021-04-18OtherJacob Ricketts YouTube Link
Dead Man Walking"Jesus did not come into the world to make bad men good. He came into the world to make dead men live." --Leonard Ravenhill2021-04-04Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Hosanna to the King of KingsWhy did Jesus ride into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, knowing that He would be crucified just outside the city a week later?2021-03-28Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Turn the Other CheekWhen would God have us refrain from using force in response to wrongdoing, and when would He have us apply it?2021-03-21Pastor Fred YouTube Link
The Way of the Church IIGod calls the Church to love, accept, and forgive others without limit.2021-03-14Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Who Are You?We do not make up our own identity. God tells us who we are in Him.2021-03-07OtherJacob Ricketts YouTube Link
The Way of the ChurchCharacteristics of the Early Church2021-02-28Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Confessions of a Recovering LegalistThe Law cannot save. It only condemns. Salvation only comes through faith in Jesus Christ.2021-02-21Pastor Fred YouTube Link
Finding Comfort in a COVID-19 WorldPlace your faith in Christ, and His sovereignty, especially in bad circumstances. "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:282021-02-14Pastor Fred YouTube Link
By His Stripes We Are HealedPhysical healing dose occur, but only on God's timing. Real, and permanent, healing will occur when those who believe in Jesus see him face-to-face.2021-02-07Pastor Fred YouTube Link
For Such A Time As ThisThe mission before the Church today, in light of current precarious events.2021-01-31Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
God Bless AmericaHow should the Church act within a country in danger of God's wrath, and be a remnant loyal to His will?2021-01-24Pastor Fred YouTube Link
You Never Walk AloneEven in the midst of catastrophe, know that the Lord is there to provide peace and will be with you always, even unto the end of the age.2021-01-17Pastor Sandy YouTube Link
Jacob Ricketts' TestimonyJacob tells us of his journey with God and what has led him to his present circumstances.2021-01-10OtherJacob Ricketts YouTube Link
Biblical GivingLooking through God's Word and seeking His direction on how to support the Church and her mission2021-01-03Pastor Sandy YouTube Link